Handmade Heart Chocolates

by Juliet English
Handmade Heart Chocolates

by Juliet English March 1, 2022

Handmade Heart Chocolates

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Follow these easy steps to make your own special chocolates for Mother's Day

How To Make Heart Chocolates

Equipment needed:
Double boiler, or a pan and bowl.
Hearts ice cube mould (or any shape you like)
Pestle and mortar
Tooth picks


White, milk and dark chocolate (whichever is your favourite brand)SprinklesColouringAmaretti biscuitsCocoa powder


1. Crush 2 or 3 amaretti biscuits using the pestle and mortar (or plastic bag and rolling pin)

You can use nuts or even dried fruit instead of the amaretti biscuits.

2. Add some sprinkles to the bottom of your ice cube moulds - these will end up on the top. Our moulds were shaped at the bottom - if it doesn't matter, you might prefer to add the sprinkles on top at the end.

3. Next, melt your chocolate - we used a pan of hot water with a bowl on top. We melted each colour separately so we could make each chocolate unique. We added some pink colouring to some white chocolate too.

4. We added a little bit of the different chocolate mixtures to the moulds and used a cocktail stick to make sure there were no trapped air bubbles. You can also make a marbled effect with the different colours by swirling it around gently.

5. You can add some crushed amaretti biscuits, nuts or even dried fruit to your chocolate mixtures for the next layer.

6. Finally, top up the moulds and wait patiently for your chocolates to set.

7. Turn them out of the moulds. If you want to add extra sprinkles to the top, melt a little chocolate and use it to glue them in place. Finally, find or make a lovely box and enjoy giving your unique chocolates to someone special.

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