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There’s been a slight nip in the air these last few days, the scent of woodsmoke and orangey leaves starting to create a carpet underfoot on woodland walks, days shortening … yes, Autumn is on its way. There’s something so appealing about the colours, the scents and the excuse to cozy up and create a sense of warmth

Try our quick and simple fixes to create cozy style and make your living room feel warm and welcoming. If you are looking for budget friendly fixes, none of these will cost a fortune either!


Add warming tones, reds, pinks, purples and plums all create an instant feeling of warmth, along with browns, ambers and olives. Painting a room is a great way to instantly make over a room without spending much. Intensify the cozy factor by painting your walls a dark and dramatic color — anything from charcoal grey to chocolate brown — to make the space feel inviting. Just be sure to add pops of metallic and white to keep it from feeling too heavy.


Choose cozy patterns, such as plaid, toile, herringbone, and tweed.

Add fur

Sheepskins and fur throws add instant warmth and coziness.

Add wood, copper and gold

Wood, rusted metal,  copper and gold accents will instantly add a warm effect. Choose candlesticks, side tables and accessories.

Add Light

Add a string of lights. If you use copper wire string lights, the metallic coloured wire increases the shimmery effect. And don’t forget candles. A single beautiful candle or a tray of tealights both add a warming effect.

Add Fire

A crackling fire, log burner or feature fireplace naturally draws people to it, so now is the time to stock the woodpile and bring furniture around your warming focal point. 

Change Curtains

Heavier curtains will keep out drafts and lend an opulence to the room, especially if you let them pool an inch or so on the ground.  You could even add a curtain wall to create a stunning visual effect and coziness all in one go.

Add A Throw Blanket

Soft knits and cozy plaids are an ideal solution for chilly nights at home. Choose warming colours.

Pile Up Cushions

Paired with a warm blanket, a pile of soft and welcoming cushions is certain to add a cozy and comfortable feeling.

Create a Reading Corner

Pick a snug place, either with natural light or a lamp, and arrange a comfy armchair in it. Place a table nearby, stacked with your favourite books.

Add tablecloths and Runners

Cover up bare tables and consoles with tablecloths and runners (or get creative and use scarves, quilts, flags, fabric remnants or blankets).

Add rugs

Cover up cold floors with rugs in those well-travelled spots in the home.

Wall Art

Word decals, warming images, wooden signs and maps in wooden frames all add interest and warmth to walls.

Add warming scents

Don’t underestimate the warming effect of spicy scents. Use scented candles, room sprays and pot pourri to scent the room with cinnamon, sandalwood and pine.

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